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What Will I Get for $199 ?

Full Store Setup

Just choose your product niche and we build a complete store for you, from scratch.

Customized Logo

We create a brand new logo for your drop shipping store according to your niche.

Winning Products

We choose winning products for your product niche. We will add to directly your store.

Premium Themes

We build your store with premium themes or you can provide your own theme.

Free Shopify Course

After you order your store, you will get free Shopify course. You will learn tactics about this business.

Decide Your Profit

You can decide how much profit you want to make on each product.  If you are not sure about product pricing, leave it to us.

AliExpress Sync

Product prices and availability are synced with AliExpress for your store.

Dedicated Support

Get dedicated support and tips for your new online business.

How It Works:

1.Order A Store

Choose a niche and securely place an order for your store.

2.We Contact You

Our team will get in touch with you for discussion.

3.We Start Building

Our team of developers start building a stunning store for you.


We send you all details. We will give you 100% control and ownership of everything.